Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 52PPIV Progress Update

This is the progress update after the fourth month of the 52 Pair Plunge IV. I’m going to evaluate myself according to the 4 goals I’d set for myself at the start.

1. Finish the 3 WIPs and 8 pairs of hibernating socks I currently have on the needles. One of those pairs is from April 2009. Really it’s time to finish it.

Last month I put the SKU socks in hibernation. It was a short one because I promptly finished them in a day of weekend knitting.

I had a short severe cold this month. And what do you do when you have a cold. Sleep and watch X-files. Which made me pull out my X-files socks. I don’t know why but I had made a rule that I could only knit on them while watching the show. I finished off the second sock in no time and have a new super heavy weight pair of socks to wear with my burgundy colored clogs. Can’t wait. Why is the Lightweight Socks That Rock closer to a sport weight?

I’m pleased to report that the sock yarn from my Fairy Yarn Mother has been turned into a lovely pair of Switcheroo Socks. The skein must’ve been ginormous because I knit myself, my size 11 feet a pair of tall socks and still had a quarter of the skein left. I love the lace of this pattern and knowing that Regia will last and last and last. I have a feeling these babies will be around for a while. As you can see, Isitt approves of them.

Four new WIPs on the needles as we speak, the 1) Teacher’s Pet Monkey: Monkey socks with Santa Fe yarn for a lovely teacher, 2) The Red Queen: a second pair of Anastasia socks with Ditto yarn for a fellow sock enthusiast, 3) Waves: a second pair of Nanner socks with Peca-Peds, 4) Arya’s Adventures: a simple 2x2 rib with Trekking XXL to knit in the show hall.

With the completion of two hibernating socks I’m down to just 4 pairs of hibernating socks. Overall it’s been a good Sock-tober.

2. I currently have give-or- take 90 skeins worth of sock yarn. Enough to make 90 pairs of socks with lots of remnants. I will not stop buying new sock yarn but what if I can only knit the new after I’ve completed a pair with the stash sock yarn. Imagine if I cut the stash down by 26 skeins? That’d be a good part of a yarn bin free.

Considering I completed two pairs of hibernating socks (which count as stash) and cast on a new pair with brand new yarn, I’m down 1 skein of stash. And than there was the Isitt yarn purchase which puts me up a skein overall.

3. Knit more with DK weight yarn. I’ve never knit a DK weight sock but it couldn’t hurt to make a pair of house socks for The DH, Mum, Dad, & Myself. Those will be quicker than regular socks.

I could say I’m still trying to overcome this challenge and knit some DK weight socks but that wouldn’t be true. I am completely stuck here. Alright next pair I cast on HAVE to be DK weight for The Boyfriend! No if-ands-or-buts about it.

4. For every full size pair I knit, knit a pair of kids socks. Not baby socks. Those are so small they’re useless. Kids socks that I can give to Sophie or Simon or put away for some future child.

No baby socks this month.

So for September I knit 3 pairs of socks, added to the 12 from the last three months and I’ve fallen a little behind as it should’ve been 5 for September. I’d give myself a 50% for this month since I only hit two goals. Of course it’s had to knit when my hands are full of kittens and we’re on the Cat Show Circuit. I’ll keep on it though! 5 in October and I’ll be back on track.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Patterns That Go Way Beyond Socks!

It's here!
My first book! Ok it's not officially my book. But I did contribute a pattern for the book. The Boyfriend is secretly envious that I got my name in print before he had a chance to. I haven't received my final copy yet but I'm thrilled to see it listed on Amazon. You could order your copy today!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I bought yarn today and Isitt saw me

And as you can tell, she was less than pleased.
I'm rushing around preping for another cat show weekend. Thank goodness The Boyfriend can run the show while I'm away. He's wonderful! And I'm so lucky. Wonderful Boyfriend and adorable Isitt, what more could a girl want?

Monday, September 6, 2010

This Morning's Photo Shoot

I finished the Skew socks last night while watching 3:10 to Yuma. Very good movie by the way. This morning we had a photo shoot, me, the socks, and Isitt. I couldn't keep her away. So here are a few of her inspired photos.

Here is Isitt’s interpretation of ‘mother in motion’. I like the way my blue toe nails bring out the blue of the socks.

And here we see the white or pale yellow of the sock as Isitt daftly places here head in the space between the socks.

And my personal favorite. 3 Feet.

Kitten foot framing socks. How she knew that the timer would snap at just that second and that her foot would not hide my feet, I’ll never know.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Poll: Please help us settle this pressing issue...

There is a heated debate in our house this morning...

Would you rather your partner burp or farted in your presence?