Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Zissou for a Sailor

By Mychawd

What do you do if you enjoy the movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou?
If you like it so much you quote it and want to be Ned Kingsley Zissou?
You find a friend who’s a knitter and ask her, or him, to knit you a hat like the ones worn in the movie, that’s what you do.

· US size 6 16” circular needles
· Either a second pair of circs for head decreases or a set of size 6 double points
· 2 skeins Reynolds Revue
· Tapestry Needle to weave in end.

Finished Measurements:
10 to 24” circumference relaxed to stretched
12.5” in length

Gauge: in 2x2 rib 28 sts x 32 rows for 4”

Begin: Using Long Tail Cast on cast on 104 stitches. K1 st, place a marker to mark the beginning of the round.

Work in the round, repeating the pattern K2, P2 ribbing until the piece measures 8.5”.

Work in pattern until 52 sts have been worked, place a second marker(between 2 knit sts), this will be opposite the first (which should also be between 2 knit sts). These mark the side seams and will be used for decreasing purposes.

Decrease Round: K1, SSK, work in pattern to 3 sts before the marker, K2tog, K1, slide marker, K1, SSK, work in pattern to 3 sts befo re second marker, K2tog, K1, slide marker.
Repeat this for every round until 44 sts remain (22 on each side). You may need to split the stitches between the two circs or move them onto the double points around 50 sts, continue working in the round.

At 44sts, work 4 rounds in pattern, no decreases.

Return to decrease rounds until there are 20sts remaining.

Turn work inside out and work 3 needle bind-off. Or graft the stitches together.

Lightly block and enjoy many sea voyages with your new hat!
© 2009, Mychawd