Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 52PPIV Progress Update

This is the progress update after the fourth month of the 52 Pair Plunge IV. I’m going to evaluate myself according to the 4 goals I’d set for myself at the start.

1. Finish the 3 WIPs and 8 pairs of hibernating socks I currently have on the needles. One of those pairs is from April 2009. Really it’s time to finish it.

Last month I put the SKU socks in hibernation. It was a short one because I promptly finished them in a day of weekend knitting.

I had a short severe cold this month. And what do you do when you have a cold. Sleep and watch X-files. Which made me pull out my X-files socks. I don’t know why but I had made a rule that I could only knit on them while watching the show. I finished off the second sock in no time and have a new super heavy weight pair of socks to wear with my burgundy colored clogs. Can’t wait. Why is the Lightweight Socks That Rock closer to a sport weight?

I’m pleased to report that the sock yarn from my Fairy Yarn Mother has been turned into a lovely pair of Switcheroo Socks. The skein must’ve been ginormous because I knit myself, my size 11 feet a pair of tall socks and still had a quarter of the skein left. I love the lace of this pattern and knowing that Regia will last and last and last. I have a feeling these babies will be around for a while. As you can see, Isitt approves of them.

Four new WIPs on the needles as we speak, the 1) Teacher’s Pet Monkey: Monkey socks with Santa Fe yarn for a lovely teacher, 2) The Red Queen: a second pair of Anastasia socks with Ditto yarn for a fellow sock enthusiast, 3) Waves: a second pair of Nanner socks with Peca-Peds, 4) Arya’s Adventures: a simple 2x2 rib with Trekking XXL to knit in the show hall.

With the completion of two hibernating socks I’m down to just 4 pairs of hibernating socks. Overall it’s been a good Sock-tober.

2. I currently have give-or- take 90 skeins worth of sock yarn. Enough to make 90 pairs of socks with lots of remnants. I will not stop buying new sock yarn but what if I can only knit the new after I’ve completed a pair with the stash sock yarn. Imagine if I cut the stash down by 26 skeins? That’d be a good part of a yarn bin free.

Considering I completed two pairs of hibernating socks (which count as stash) and cast on a new pair with brand new yarn, I’m down 1 skein of stash. And than there was the Isitt yarn purchase which puts me up a skein overall.

3. Knit more with DK weight yarn. I’ve never knit a DK weight sock but it couldn’t hurt to make a pair of house socks for The DH, Mum, Dad, & Myself. Those will be quicker than regular socks.

I could say I’m still trying to overcome this challenge and knit some DK weight socks but that wouldn’t be true. I am completely stuck here. Alright next pair I cast on HAVE to be DK weight for The Boyfriend! No if-ands-or-buts about it.

4. For every full size pair I knit, knit a pair of kids socks. Not baby socks. Those are so small they’re useless. Kids socks that I can give to Sophie or Simon or put away for some future child.

No baby socks this month.

So for September I knit 3 pairs of socks, added to the 12 from the last three months and I’ve fallen a little behind as it should’ve been 5 for September. I’d give myself a 50% for this month since I only hit two goals. Of course it’s had to knit when my hands are full of kittens and we’re on the Cat Show Circuit. I’ll keep on it though! 5 in October and I’ll be back on track.

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ajc325 said...

Oh my gosh...I love them all! Especially the skew socks...

Perhaps I should take some Samurai advice and knit, sleep, and watch X-files. My cold is lingering well into it's second week...