Monday, March 23, 2009

Posh Vino Pouch

As you may recall The Boyfriend asked me to knit him 7 wine cozies in under three weeks. I accepted the challenge and created a new pattern, knit like the wind, felted them and had them all dry and ready to go by December 21st. He gladly gave them, with the necessary wine to coworkers and faculty. Well, all except one which he didn’t give to the intended recipient until last week when he saw her for the first time since then. She was thrilled with the gift and a few days later wrote to say “Thank you for the wine sock”. I had to laugh, I guess in the regular non-knitting world the word cozy isn’t frequently used.

Posh Vino Pouch
© 2009, Mychawd
This wine cozy paired with a bottle of wine makes a perfect gift for the host of any party. The felted nature will keep chilled bottles cool and the handles makes it a convenient tote bag.

Materials you will need:
J.Knits Dreamy Worsted -3 or 4 skeins
US Size 13 16” circular needles
Tapestry Needle to weave in ends

Finished measurements: 17” by 10” around

Gauge: 12.5 sts x 12 rows for 4”

Main Color (MC): Indiana (Stripes) or Iowa (Dimonds) 2 Skeins
Contrast Color 1 (CC1): Georgia (Stripes) or Santa Fe (Dimonds) 1 Skein
Contrast Color 2 (CC2): Rancho Mirage 1 Skein

Base of the Cozy:
Cast on 6 sts, connect to work in the round
Round 1: Knit
Round 2: Kf&b each stitch (12sts)
Round 3: Knit
Round 4: *Kf&b, K1* repeat 5 more times (18sts)
Round 5: Knit
Round 6: *Kf&b, K2* repeat 5 more times (24sts)
Round 7: Knit
Round 8: *Kf&b, K3* repeat 5 more times (30sts)
Round 9: Knit
Round 10: *Kf&b, K4* repeat 5 more times (36sts)
Round 11: Knit
Round 12: *Kf&b, K5* repeat 5 more times (42sts)
Round 13: Knit
Round 14: Purl
Round 15: Purl
The base of the cozy is now complete, you will now simply knit in the round until piece measures 13”

To achieve Pink stripped pattern...
Knit with MC until piece measures 7” from second purl row, work 2 rounds CC1. Change to MC, work 3 rounds. Change to CC2, work 4 rounds. Change to CC1, work 4 rounds. Change to MC, work 3 rounds. Change to CC2, work 2 rounds. Return to MC and work until piece measures 13”
Work Handles.

To achieve Brown diamond pattern…
After completing round 15 above, knit 4 rounds (MC).
Round 1{Kf&b K1 (MC), *K1 (CC1), K3 MC repeat from * 4 times} repeat portion between {} once more (44sts).
Round 2 *K1 (MC), K3 (CC1), repeat from * 10 more times.
Round 3 Knit (CC1).
Round 4 *K1 (MC), K3 (CC1), repeat from * 10 more times.
Round 5 K3 (MC), K1 (CC1), repeat from * 10 more times.
Return to (MC) and work until piece measures 11”.
Repeat round 5. Repeat rounds 2-5. Return to (MC) and work 4 rounds, piece should measure 13.5”
Work Handles.

Round 1: Knit first 21 sts and place stitch marker
Round 2: (CC1) K3, (MC) K16, (CC1) K5, (MC) K16, (CC1) K2
Round 3: (CC1) K3, (MC) K16, (CC1) K5, (MC) K16, (CC1) K2
You will now work back and forth between stitch markers, working one side of the handle while the other side waits. Then you will work the second side as the first.
Row 1: Worked over 21 stitches, (CC1) K2tog, K2, (MC) K15, (CC1) K2, Turn (20sts)
Row 2: (CC1) P2, (MC) P14, (CC1) P2, P2tog, Turn (19sts)
Row 3: (CC1) K2tog, K2, (MC) K7 K2tog, K4, (CC1) K2, Turn (17sts)
Row 4: (CC1) P2, (MC) P11, (CC1) P2, P2tog, Turn (16sts)
Row 5: (CC1) K2tog, K2, (MC) K5 K2tog, K3, (CC1) K2, Turn (14sts)
Row 6: (CC1) P2, (MC) P8, (CC1) P2, P2tog, Turn (13sts)
Row 7: (CC1) K2tog, K2, (MC) K3 K2tog, K2, (CC1) K2, Turn (11sts)
Row 8: (CC1) P2, (MC) P5, (CC1) P2, P2tog, Turn (10sts)
Row 9: (CC1) K2tog, K2, (MC) K4, (CC1) K2, Turn (9sts)
Row 10: (CC1) P2, (MC) P3, (CC1) P2, P2tog, Turn (8sts)
Row 11: (CC1) K2tog, K2tog, K3, (5sts)

Now begin working as an I-cord using only (CC1). Work I-cord for 3”, place on holder.

Return to held stitches, begin working on side where there are 3 stitches in (CC1). Work rows 1-11 as above.

Kitchener stitch the two I-cord pieces together. Piece measures 7” in diameter and 24” in length from cast on to Kitchener stitches.

Weave in ends and felt.

Being careful to not over felt, check size every 5 minutes until desired dimensions are reached, 5” in diameter and 17” in length from cast on to Kitchener stitches.

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Tanya/TiggerRD said...

These look really great - thanks for sharing the pattern and giving such a great idea for how to personalize a bottle of wine - love what you created!!