Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's March!

I officially finished the Haruni on Feburary 10th. It was a labor. I can’t even say it was a labor of love. Blocking was almost as tedious as the knitting. I’m so glad it’s finished though. I brought it to Knitting group where we all showed ours off. That was a good time. Seeing finished shawls from worsted to light fingering weight. Seeing a 4 foot shawl in the same pattern as the tiny shawlett next to it. Seeing the variety of colors and textures was wonderful.

My vote goes to WickedPyssa’s black for most elegant, mine for lightest weight, and Beachyknitter’s for warmest.

But they were all lovely.

After thaking a month off to recover and think about what kind of shawl I’d like to torture myself with next, I’ve decided to take a shot at the Flamboyan by Stephen West. I’m using String Theory Caper Sock in two colors that I can’t pronounce, Nerrivik and Tavikki. It’s a pretty straight forward color block shawl. I think the finished results will be beautiful and the color changes will make the shawl an interesting knit. I’ll keep you posted on that progress.

52 Pair Plunge. It’s been months. I did finish a pair in December and another in January but I’ve been more interested in knitting baby stuff and shawls. Baby socks? Possibly. I didn’t think the day would ever come when I would follow so many knitters before me and evolve away from socks to shawls. Socks just seem so much more functional to me. But my sock drawer is full. I have 8-10 pairs ahead in storage. And I’m on a mission to find a shawl that I can wear like a rock star (the Haruni wasn’t it).

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Anonymous said...

The shawl came out beautiful! Wow! Nice work Steph!