Monday, December 10, 2007


I received my ISE5 package yesterday!!! It was so exciting to find all of the goodies inside. The scarf is red alpaca. It's perfectly me. Rita also sent Bamboo size 3 needles. I think 3 is the only size I didn't have and Bamboo is my preferred needle type. I'm amazed.

So the Turbulence U-Neck Pullover struggles forward. I just need to put the rib around the collar and sew it up. It's ridiculous that I started this in the middle of September and still have not finished it. I really need to be more diligent when it comes to finishing up the big projects. I have all this momentum at the start and then seem to loose interest and the finishing stretches out forever!

Brewed Beer and made chocolates this weekend. Not my idea of fun but I went along to please the boyfriend, although we have been married for over a year we still call each other boyfriend and girlfriend, these were out nick-names for each other for 8 years, I don't think we'll ever stop using them.
Turned out to be a great time. I think the beer will be called "That's what she said" since someone seemed to be throwing this in after anyone said anything. Right now "That's what she said" is bubbling away in my laundry room, the warmest room in the house. The boys, don't quiet understand what "that's what she said" is for.

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