Friday, December 28, 2007


Good News Everyone!"

My Christmas wish came true. The job I wanted most, panned out and I'll be starting the middle of January!!!!!
So now I can enjoy a few weeks off, with lots of knitting.
Dad enjoyed trying on the five orange hats I made for him. As he was opening them at Christmas I told him, he could keep one and the rest should go to charity.
He insisted that he'd keep them all and have a different dog-walking-hat for each day of the week. Crazy Dad.
I've been knitting away on the Ivy League Vest. So far about 1 1/2" of rib done. I think I'm at about an hour a row, hey it's 272 stitches, of course it's going to take awhile. I hope it'll go faster once I'm doing the fair isle chart which is straight knitting with none of this silly purling every 4th stitch so I have to drop my yarn. What do you think, can I get this done by the 14th? I doubt it but maybe I could get to the Vneck split portion.

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