Sunday, June 13, 2010

Doctor Who Isitt presents the Devon 5

The Who-Monster as we’ve taken to calling Doctor Who Isitt (the white kitten, front left) is the biggest and oldest kitten here. He is a crazy kitten. The other five kittens are sweet little babies compared to him. Arya and Cinders are right next to Who Isitt. Cinder is much younger but just as curious and outgoing as Isitt’s babies. Bella continues to look just like Isitt only a different color. And behind her are Mayberry (the blue eyed cream girl) and Wilberness. Wilburness has the potential to be a mini-Who-Isitt. A smaller younger white male kitten. Only Wilburness is the complete opposite of the confident and spunky Who, he is the sweet shy type. Perfect for kissing and cuddling. And no it’s not your eyes, Devon Rex kittens do in fact have the biggest ears around.

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