Saturday, July 4, 2009

We are Sv-ou less!!!

Today was a perfect quiet Saturday for the Samurai family. The Boyfriend made pancakes, we took a nap, he read, I listened to audio book while knitting socks, the kids raced up and down the hallway, we had dinner with the in-laws and then there were fireworks! Not the in-law induced kind, the Independence Day kind. Happy 233rd Birthday America! AND IT WAS SUNNY to boot.

The only thing miss was the Sv-ou. Sv-ou is my new favorite word. Rhymes with you, Sa-v-ou!

Ohhh Svou!

What the Svou?

Let’s Svou!

Where has all the Svou gone?

See Svou is fun to say!

I’ve been on a Law & Order SVU kick these past few weeks. Boyfriend started referring to it as Svou and I svou-ed with him. I even doubled the Netflix amount so that I’d have a disk here at any given time. Well we’re Sv-ou less at the moment which means I’m less than thrilled. The Boyfriend is offering Deep Space 9 or Blue Planet...I can hardly wait. Please hold me back. I’m rolling my eyes and searching desperately for a Lord of the Rings or Futurama to watch.

Isitt was busy today. It was actually the first sunny day we’ve had since she joined the family. It was nice to watch her and the boys laying in the sun.

While laying in the sun one of the numerous toys crept onto her section of rug. She really did try to ignore the toy and blend into the paisley design of the rug.
Inevitably she was overwhelmed by the toys impudence and forced to take action against it.

Balance was restored and the toy was granted sanction on the rug.

The end.

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