Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July Begins!

Today was the first day of July, which means that all of the July Knit-Alongs start. I’m tempted to stay up all night so I can continue the fun.

In Sock Knitters Anonymous we’re doing a Mystery Sock. The pattern called for white, red, black, & green. Naturally, I had to choose completely different colors. I did follow the contrasting color guidelines so yellow will complement the purple, while pink and green are also complements if you consider pink to be red. “The Kids” obliged me for a photo with the yarn.

I'm sensing that this clue is supposed to look like cherries, mine is more like Universe B in The Farnsworth Parabox episode of Futurama. The characters are the same but the colors are off.

I also updated the family profile on the sidebar to include Isitt after Mr. Nate pointed out what a slacker I am for having a new family member and not adding her for two weeks. Mac is with the food dish, Linus is grabbing for attention, and Isitt is just looking sweet.



The On Hold Socks are a go. Love the yarn. This may be my new favorite yarn. 10% cashmere and oh so squishy!!!

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