Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rhinebeck and Webs too

In the warehouse I found some great deals. It took all my will power not to buy a sweaters worth of ...
Misty Alpaca Hand Paint Baby Suri Silk in a gary, taupe, green variegated color. Actually there was a lot of self talk about knitting sweaters with DK weight yarns. I already have enough DK alpaca yarn from Peru (my boss used to carry it back in her suitcase when she’d visit the factories). If it had been worsted, I’d be done for. And that’s knowing that it grows and shouldn’t be used for sweaters. Really this is the most beautiful yarn I’ve seen in years.
Misti Alpaca Chunky in a rust color found it’s way into the basket as well. It spoke to me about becoming a Christmas present so it had to come. As did it’s cousin in soft baby pink. It’s the same yarn I just knit the Meathead and Si Captain hats out of. Chunky alpaca is my kryptonite. It’s true. If you were to look up Knitting Samurai on Wikipedia you’d see it listed there along with sweet elvis crepes and red devon rex cats.
And lastly there was a sock breakdown as well. Here is the standard series of events when a new sock yarn is encountered…

  • Samurai sees yarn she’s never seen before, eye narrow and head tilts

  • Samurai touches yarn to confirm skin can tolerate it’s texture

  • Samurai assess yarn for nylon content

  • Samurai confirms it is not Auracania Sock yarn as Samurai has a jihad* against it

  • Samurai's color detector locates most pleasing color

  • Samurai purchases yarn

Really it’s that simple.
In this case Wisdom Yarns in color Los Angeles was the novel sock yarn of choice.

*The use of the word Jihad is meant in jest. If any offense is taken to my irreverent use of the word I apologize.

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VS said...

Oh no Knitting Samurai is NOT in wikipedia, 'cause I just looked. I got very excited and then very disappointed.