Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What happens when you take 8 knitters and a cat to Rhinebeck?

They get drunk on the yarn fumes for starters.
Friday morning we left bright and early. Arguably I was a bouncing ball of energy, too excited to sleep and ready to go an hour ahead of time. I know, I’m always late so your amazed. Meow Meow Head packed light and was able to fit all of her stuff in just one car which was good, it left the rest of us plenty of room in the other. Having visions of the trip back from Pennsylvania with Lulu last fall, I opted to ride in the non-cat car. When we arrived we were all pleased with the house. It was beautiful and spacious and modern enough for me to be comfortable.
Two trips to the train station later, we had all of our party and were ready for a nice dinner in Rhinecliff. Then we were off to bed and up early to head to the fair grounds. Having been last year, Meow Meow Head and I were adamant that we be out of the house by 8:30. This naturally meant that I was up at 6 “trying” not to wake people up while I got ready so we could get going. The day was a blur of smiles and yarn. I will just leave you with some of the highlight words…

  • Socks That Rock yarn
  • Artichock Freda-French-and Fried
  • Katie’s Sylvie Jacket
  • Dips
  • Si Captian Baseball Hat and Meathead Hat
  • Flashing The Decedent Fiber Lady with my Hey Teach Sweater
  • Joan going back for Pam
  • Cheeses
  • Kissing Llamas
  • Knitted Bob Costume
  • NY Style Pizza

Day two was rainy but that didn’t stop us. I think we all bought some Crème Brule from Decedent Fibers. And on Day three with our Rhinebeck hangovers, we headed home via Webbs. What a crazy group of ladies!!!!

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Shary said...

Rhinebeck AND Webs! Is there any chance you OD'd on yarn this past weekend?