Friday, October 9, 2009

Rhinebeck is coming!

Do you realize that Rhinebeck is in like 7 days!!!!????? I’ve been knitting on the Diorama, thinking I had plenty of time to finish it. I knit the back and right front and about the time I started the left front it hit me that if I’m going to finish this thing in time for next weekend I really need to be done knitting it by Sunday so that I have Monday to block it, Tuesday to dry and Wednesday to sew it up. Thursday I’ll be packing and then Friday morning we’re off. Normally I’d be fine to finish the last 10” of the front by Sunday but this is a cat show weekend. Mum and I are off to Canada with 10+ hours of driving in our future. I hope I can squeeze in some knitting during that time, but it’s all late afternoon-evening driving which is more difficult for older eyes.

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