Friday, February 12, 2010

A Friday in February

February is a boring month. Nothing much happens. It’s cold. It’s sunny. I go to work. I go to knitting. It snows. I listen for plow trucks. That’s pretty much it. Last weekend Mum and I headed to a cat show in Groton with Emma and Bernstein. Considering his previous performances, he did Very well with a capital V! It was an 8 ring show. That means 8 judges put there hands on Emma and after 6 of them we had nothing to show. We were afraid it would be another wasted weekend, in terms of collecting points toward Emma’s Grand Championship. Then the last two rings were wonderful. A Second Best All Breed and a Third Best All Breed! Excellent! We’re about half way to the number of points she needs. The weekend went from a bit discouraging to invigorating in about twenty minutes. We immediately started planning for our next show. What a funny roller coaster cast showing is.

After the Cat show, VS & I watched the super bowl. In was unremarkable. Although I think U2 lent The Who their stage. But what was that 3rd song? The 3rd song is my favorite Who song and I don’t have it!

Next Trader Joe’s in Boston had a visit from The Boyfriend and I. Typically he goes to the grocery store with a list of everything we need. That way I don’t spend three times as much on everything we “need”. I don’t really mind since it gets me out of that chore. I’m sure the employees enjoyed watching him chase me around the store with his arms crossed, a smile on his face, repeatedly proclaiming that if I was going to buy all that stuff then I had to put it away myself.

And now here it is another weekend. Nothing much planned besides the usual, knitting and reading. I’m flying through my second pair of Baudelaire socks. But I haven’t hit the dreaded heel yet. I think I’m going to just substitute in Wendy Johnson’s heel. I love it!

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Anonymous said...

Our snow began around 3 am. The wind has gone away, but so didn't the heat.... Furnace needs to be reset and I have no idea how to do it. Hoping my son gets out of work early...

Meanwhile the cats, even the longhairy FAT ones all try to squeeze onto the loveseat with me.

My knitting - long over due Christmas socks for a friend - annoys them.

I may have to settle for the new book I started last week......

Um, hullo, its nearly March, Spring? Where ARE you????!