Saturday, February 27, 2010

24 minutes remaining…

Day two without power. The boyfriend and I have had a lively discussion about the politics of the Tea Party movement, Good Times Bill Clinton, the need for more moderate republicans like the first George Bush, and the undeniable fact that Thomas Jefferson is Temple Granden. No tears were shed and we came to agreeable conclusions.

I finished listening to The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fford. Overall on a scale of one to ten, I’d give this a four (ten being the best). It took two hours before the plot became at all interesting and then the use of literary figures quickly lost its novelty. The main draw for the novel is that Jack Sprat is the lead detective in the Nursery Crimes Division of a police station. It sounds cute to investigate the murder of the Big Bad Wool but I found that he was limited in his character development based on what we already assume to be true of each Nursery Rhyme character. I’m certain that there were literary shout outs I missed but the one that struck as me most was the albino movement against their depictions as violet, which was led by a fellow called Silas. Why would you want to salute Dan Brown? Perhaps if you enjoy mystery novels the twists and turns that lead to the discovery of the murder would be of interest. I must say that I would not fall under the classification of a mystery reader.

And now it is close to dusk on day two. The Boyfriend and I figured out how to light the oven our gas powered stove last night and have been able to maintain the house at a 60 to 65 degree temperature while baking pizzas, appetizers, and cookies. They were going to go bad in the freezer if we didn’t! The cats have enjoyed the forced cuddling to stay warm and I’m wearing my Smartwool tights and hand knit alpaca hat (less itchy and just as warm as wool).

The battery is warning me that it’s at critically low levels. So farewell for now.

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Heather said...

hoping you have power by now... but question/comment on the jasper fford book, have you read his other ones? the thursday next series... if not, and you want to... megan has them. I read all 4 but hadn't tried the nursery ones... so send out the bat signal if you want them b/c I'm sure we can send them via bri :)