Friday, February 26, 2010

It’s only 10 AM

It’s only 10 am and it’s been an interesting day. The day started at midnight, as it typically does. The Boyfriend and I happened to be awake when the high winds finally caused the flickering power to go out. We set our cell phone alarms and went to bed.

At six when the alarm went off and the power was still out, I decided that no self respecting employee would show up for work on time on a day when the power out. Mac was also cold and needed to cuddle because at this point the house was down to 60 degrees. I rolled over and slept another hour.

When I did leave the house, un-showered with a bag of toiletries and visions of a hot shower at the gym at work, I heard the sound of chain saws. I drove 50 feet through the condo association to find that one of the two 50 foot monumental trees that mark the entrance to the property had broken in half during the night, fallen across the only road out, and taken down half of the other 50 foot tree. The chain saws were about the sounds of 10 guys scurrying around chopping up the tree and moving pieces out of the road. I had the camera, took some pictures and waited for about twenty minutes.

Next I needed coffee (being that I was only twenty minutes late at this point). Dunkin, Starbucks, and Paneara had lines four five cars long into the road. The cart corrals at the grocery store were up rooted and up against the building. I decided that work also had coffee and breakfast there so I went in.

It turns out that half of the female population here decided that a shower at work was the way to go since home was without power. Lines for showers which were ice cold due to the water demand. Man, I could’ve done this at home with substantially more elbow room.

Up to my desk with wet hair. Turn it on and spend a few minutes commiserating with coworkers about their power situations. We’re all in the same boat here in New Hampshire. Alright, grab a coffee and settle in to work. Ten minutes later the power goes out. Pitch black and quiet without the air vents blowing. At least I have knitting. As we stood around talking waiting the mandatory hour before calling it quits for the day, I knit two inches on my vanilla socks. Three minutes before 10, the power came back on. The head of maintenance had gone through the building announcing that at 10 if the generators weren’t up and running we could call it a day. THREE minutes more!!!!!

Now it’s snow/raining outside and my home phone still doesn’t work so still no power. I’m shocked that in the year 2010 we can be lose power. Really!?!? Really?!?! We haven’t figured this out yet? And after the ice storm last winter!!! I’m shocked and tired. But at least I’m warm and there are lights here.

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