Friday, August 6, 2010

Cat Show

Last weekend we took Arya (Are U A lil’ Isitt), Bella, Wilbur-ness and Cinders to their first cat show. (left to right in the picture)

They are Isitt Rose’s two girls and Nessa Rose’s boy and girl. Wilbur was the clear winner for the day but Arya held her own. It is clear that all the wonderful qualities Nessa had to give went to that little boy and being bright white instead of black smoke like his mother, those qualities can easily be seen in any light. Bella and Cinders spent a good part of the day acting like monkeys hanging off the show cages and playing with the ribbons as the judges hung them, mostly dropping them on the floor much to the crowd’s amusement. Wilbur stoically sat observing. And Arya was dishing out the love to everyone and anyone who came near her. This is an encouraging happening since Isitt’s show career was cut short by her total distaste for the show ring.

Their next show is a big one in a month from now. They’ll be suitcases to pack and decisions to be made. Taking four kittens to compete against one another isn’t necessarily the wisest investment but Devons are always a crowd pleaser and getting them in front of that many judges helps us decide who will carry forward the Curlfect Devon program.

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Suzanne said...

I checked out your blog via Ravelry. the picture of the judge at the show brought back memories - I used to show Bombays - Was it a CFF or TICA show?

I love the Devon Rex. They are such a fun cat. I used to tell people that "Bombays make good house cats because they're not too smart and they are 'contact' kitties." I'm down to my last "girl," who's 17, plus 2 HHPs.