Sunday, August 8, 2010

Isitt's Magical Painting Tour

Hello and welcome to my house. I'm Isitt. Check out my cool shawdow in this picture. It's like I melted into the floor. Oh and check out the beige walls and white trim in the entryway. It kind of looks like the car is going to come crashing into the condo at any moement, doesn't it?
And here is the view up the stairs in the entryway. That's my brother MacOban in the stairs. He likes the way the black star looks against the new walls. And my other brother Linus is sitting at the top of the stairs. Unlike me, he doesn't rush to the center of all the pictures. I should go check and see if he needs any help. He always needs help with something but never seems to know he needs it.
Linus: this is what the entry looks like from the top of the stairs. Lots of white if you ask me. Where has that Isitt gotten off to? Probably about to sneak up behind me and make me hiss at her. How does MacOban stay so calm. Look at him hanging out on the stairs like nothings going on.
Isitt: Sorry about that, there was a toy mouse-y in need of capture. Now back to the tour. This is the teal guest room upstairs which now has white trim. This room is boring.
Next up, the upstairs bathroom which is mauve with white trim. I like to sit on the bathroom sink and drink water. Nice cold refreshing water. Are you thirsty? When I sit on the sink and drink this is what I see. MacOban is always trying to get on that shelf. I don't think it could hold him. He's twice my size, you know?
And this is my bedroom where I let the humans sleep. It's hard to tell that it's yellow, but now it's yellow with white trim.
And this is what the yellow bedroom with white door looks like from on top of the dresser. I spend a lot of time trying to get up here and usually I fall. Don't laugh, that dresser is tall!
...And now I will show you this plant. I like to look through it at the bird feeder like this. Silly birds never even know I'm there! ha! The plant is sitting on the bay window in the dinning room. That hasn't been painted yet, but it will be white soon too. We hope you have enjoyed the Isitt Magical Painting Tour and will visit us again soon for more updates.

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Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the Isitt Magical Painting Tour PLUS I love how each room looks. It's like a new house!!
Thank you for the tour Isitt.
grandma (can't believe I said that)!