Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rhinebeck Just 3 Days Away!

The forecast for Friday is rain.

Saturday is Windy with a high of 56.

Sunday is Sunny and 63.

Which means we’ll have a rainy drive down, a cold say Saturday and a warmer relaxing day on Sunday. I’m ok with that. Right now my desk is covered with tiny post-it notes reminding me to pack tissues, an expandable bag to carry purchases in, and my full set of needles so that I can cast on with new yarn. Going away with a bunch of gals always intrigues me. Not that woman want anything different than men, it’s just the group dynamic I guess. I’m wondering if there is some perfect snack item that we would all love or if a breakfast muffin mix would be appreciated more than a trip to Dunkin’. Probably not. Although that does remind me that I need to pack coffee, where’s the post-it? I get up entirely too early to wait for everyone else to wake up and go before getting some of that into my system.

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