Thursday, January 17, 2008

Be My Valentine Swap 2008

Are you mainly a crocheter and/or a knitter?

Are you a spinner? Would you prefer roving or yarn in your package?
Not a spinner, I would prefer yarn

Do you prefer to crochet or knit with fine thread, lace-weight or thicker yarn?
Prefer thicker yarn

If someone were to send yarn, would you prefer several different skeins of yarn with a variation of colours and fibres or would you prefer all to be one and the same?
All the same.

Do you have any favourite projects? (As in, do you prefer to knit or crochet afghans, pot holders, sweaters, mittens or socks, or amigurumis? Or … what else?)
I knit a lot of bags for felting.

Would you consider your skills to be newbie, intermediate or advanced?
Advanced, I’ll do anything and it usually comes out pretty good.

Which are your favourite yarns? (fibres, brands, colorways)
Wool, Superwash wool, Cascade 220, Andean Silk, Harrisville Shetland.

What are your favourite colors?
red, lime green, purple, blue

How interested are you in patterns? Can you read any language besides English? Can you read diagrams even if the pattern is written in another language?
I enjoy patterning but need it written in English. I can read the chart only after working a few rows following the written directions.

Dyeing? Any particular item in this area you would find appealing?
I dont’ dye.

Are you in need of any particular knitting or crocheting supplies? Or do you crave something in particular, a hand made crochet hook or perhaps wooden needles? A special book or magazine?
I could use those things for the end of your needles that hold on the stitches.

Fiber Allergies? (We wouldn’t want to send wool yarn to someone allergic to wool)
No allergies.

Why is Valentine’s Day special to you?
It’s a holiday devoted to Red, I love red.

Is there any particular item or symbol that particularly says Valentine’s Day for you?
Hearts of course.

Do you use hair pins, scrunchies and hair bands? Earrings pierced or unpierced? Necklaces or bracelets? Brooches?
Earrings, head bands, bobby pins.

Do you like vintage stuff? Thrifting? Sometimes.

Do you do other crafts, like scrap booking, sewing, create jewelry … you name it.
Nope, just lots of knitting.

Are you a collector of something in particular (Santa figurines, frogs or cats made of china, napkins, sea shells, spoons … you name it).
Does yarn count?

Dark or milk chocolate? Or (god forbid) no chocolate at all?
Dark!!!! let there be dark chocolate for all.

Favorite candy?
Peanut M&Ms

Coffee? Beans or ground? Tea? Bags or loose? Any particular favourites?
Hazelnut ground coffee.

Favorite fragrance(s)?
Unsented please.

Allergies, food intolerances? (We wouldn’t want to send chocolate with nuts to someone who’s allergic to nuts.)
Allergic to dogs. So please don’t send any of those. :-)

Maybe it’s impertinent to ask but it could be interesting for your swap partner to know how old you are?

Do you have kids and/or pets?
I have two Devon Rex cats and a husband, he counts as a pet too.

Is there anything else you would like to add that you think your swap partner needs to know about you?
Futurama is one of my favorite TV shows.

If your swap partner messes up and needs to send you a gift certificate – what on-line store would you like it for:
KnitPicks or Webs.

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