Monday, January 7, 2008

Ravelry Wins!!!

The long hours of cataloging my stash have begun. I read a blog this morning that said it took someone 2 days 6 hours to do it. I thought she was crazy, my stash couldn't be that big or take that long to figure out.
This all started when we took down the Christmas tree. The area near the TV looked so naked. So I went shopping. Steve set a decorating budget and I succeeded in purchasing some tasteful baskets that would allow me to display more yarn in the living room. I am a firm believer in out-of-site out-of-mind. So the more yarn I have out at home the less I will buy. Anyway, I returned from buying the baskets and started to look for some stash yarns that would match my living room. Then I thought, why not organize it, everyone else is.

And so 9 hours later, I've cataloged the novelties, acrylic blends, and most of the cotton. I'm sorry to say that I own far more wool than anything else. At this moment I have 12.7 MILES of non-wool yarns!!!!

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