Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's DONE!!!

Books, Needles and all that yarn have been cataloged!!!! 39.8 MILES!!! It's embarrassing but it's eye opening. I need to face up to it. And admit that I have a lot of yarn. 4 years ago I had none.
It's not like I'm buying and not knitting. I'm a prolific knitter. I knit everyday. I need to come up with some stash busting tactics to work through this. I can't cut off my purchasing, I'll go crazy. I need to make some sort of rules, 2 skeins used up before buying 1 new skein? I had been trying to only buy for projects I would cast on immediately, but clearly that wasn't working.
I also owned up to all of my UFOs. All thirteen of them. That’s not as bad as I thought.
For the record, it took me seventeen hours.

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Linda said...

I'm so proud of you for diving in there and facing your stash! It is a bit daunting... all that yarn, all those projects waiting... I'm trying for one FO per week this year. Doesn't matter what it is - it can be a felted cat toy or a single sock - something, anything to make a dent in the backlog of old yarn! ;-) Gotta make room for the new! Heh!