Saturday, January 19, 2008

Making my way

I'm 465 yards down. A quarter of a mile down. Can I keep it up? Mostly that was working the Sirdar Silky Look stash yarn. I decided to attempt a BSJ with it.

Working on this Baby Surprise Jacket is a interesting. I say interesting because it was so exciting and fun at first. Knit every row, simple K2tog at the stitch markers, put in some stripes and it was a blast. Now I'm up to the crazy talk. I forgot, I hate the way she writes. Give me clear concise directions. It's like she wrote down half of what she was thinking. Very frustrating. But it seems I am not alone in this, and others have come before me to plot out stitch counts row by row. At least that'll give me some guidance and get me through the code of her pattern.

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