Sunday, April 27, 2008

In a time

In a time that future historians will one day call the past, there were mice. Mice that have already burned through more yarn than possibly imaginable if they were living breathing creature feasting on the stuff, 1.64 miles to be exact. With 4 days to go there is no doubt that I will make it past the two-mile marker. And then I begin to dream, how nice it would be to get below 40 miles of yarn, to actually have some storage space for things besides yarn and to be rid of some of my yarny-guilt.

But hark, what’s that I hear? It’s the sound of the Yarn Harlot at Webs and the voices of my friends urging me to go. I must. I cannot resist the call of Webs. I will however try a different tactic this time. Usually I’m a single skein stocker. I feel like I’m having a piece of my cake and thus not gorging on the whole thing, a sweaters worth as it were. A simple review of my stash reveals that a quarter of it is single skeins. 84 lonely skeins without mates or the potential of ever becoming a sweater. And truth be known those 84 were most likely the yarns I love most but felt were too pricey to indulge in purchasing too much. So this trip to Webs will be to buy companions, enough to make a sweater with one of these lonely skeins. I’m eyeing the Malibrigo knowing that it will get a wooly-haze once knit and worn, and perhaps it will even pill. But I also know it is the most beloved yarn in my stash. Knitting a Malibrigo sweater would be like working out and then eating a giant ice cream. You know that the ice cream will counteract all that hard work you’ve just put forth and the results will not be what you desire, but you really want the ice cream.

If I can succeed in not buying single skeins and only buying pals for the yarns I already have I will feel this trip has been an accomplishment.

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