Friday, May 2, 2008


It’s official. Thank you Mice! I hate you!
Are you confused?

First there is success in the fact that did in fact knit 2.11 miles in April.

Second, the mice were the bulk of that knitting. It’s always nice to knit a small project that allows me to express my loud interior. I love the bright colors, the more intense the better.

Third…55 mice is a lot, right? You’re thinking, that’s crazy to knit that many mice. I didn’t feel crazy when they were flying off the needles, I was truly enjoying it. But now the sewing begins. Let me tell you, sewing in that many ends is a miserable process. I’m about half way through sewing them up.

What’s going on now?
I’m alternating the sewing with knitting up a DVD player case for NAZ. It’s army green Lopi yarn with some charcoal black stripes. It should be nice once it’s felted.

Today I cast on Light Fantastic from Knit Simple. I thought this airy looking tunic out of a mohair blend (Kidsilk Haze was recommended, I substituted Sublime for it’s nylon in place of silk) So I thought this would be a lovely light garment. I’ve cast on 37 stitches of the 155 required and am already disenchanted with this yarn. Perhaps it’s better to knit than cast on.

I’m about 5” into Lutea Lace Shoulder Shell with the new yarn. Berroco Nostalgia is a very nice yarn and my tension is much better than the first attempt with Patons Grace.

What’s the future hold?
The rest of May to be exact.

In addition to more knitting, there will of course be more cat showing. Tomorrow Nessa and I head to Concord. Hopefully she’ll get some more points towards her Grand Champion title. It’s funny, I’ve been to enough shows to know that 80% of the time it’s just sitting around talking, eating greasy food and looking for the next caffeine hit, either water downed soda or palatable coffee. 10% of the time it’s grooming and running Nessa from point A to point B. And the other 10% is the excitement of sitting in the ring, watching my girl, and waiting to hear the judges opinions. Hoping to get that coveted Best of breed with the potential to get called back for a Final. Of course I’ll be knitting while I’m waiting for the excitement.

I’m thinking of taking a hint from Mrs. Z and taking on the Mittens in May Challenge. I’m seeing two pairs of Norwegian Mittens something like this or this. One for me and one for? I could use some of my stashed wool. This would also help get me back in the swing of knitting with two colors so that I could some day pick up the Ivy League Vest again with confidence.

I’m also thinking of tackling some lace. I would see this as the Mace Challenge. I could use some of my Peruvian alpaca yarn that came directly from Peru in The Colonel’s suitcase. I’m seeing the Clapotis.

Please help me decide...Mittens in May or Mace?


Muffin said...

I vote for Mace.

Anonymous said...

Go for the Mittens in May. I can see the utility of the Mittens, not so much for the Lace.

VS said...

I vote for Mittens in May, because I want a pair. But not out of wool - too itchy.