Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nessa Update

Wish us luck, today could be a big day for Nessa. I couldn’t sleep worring about how well she’ll do. Cross your fingers and hope that each judge makes Nessa
-Best Devon Rex
-Best Short-Hair Cat (honestly I’d be happy with a 1-10 here)
-Best All-Breed (same thing, a 1-10 means she’s one of the best 10 cats at the show!)

Now remember, she can get best DR, SH, AB 8 times over the next two days, once for each judge. That’s a lot of possibilities…send us positive vibes…

Also, I left my camera in Middletown so no pictures, but yes I did complete the 5SKSO Challenge in time. More on that latter. Now I'm off to prep.

1 comment:

Dog Lady said...

Go get 'em Kittie. Your Rockland fan club is rooting for you.