Monday, March 31, 2008

When we left our hero

When we left our hero, she was staring down the infamous Governess and the lovely but deadly Chunky-Alpaca-Better-Bucket-Hat…time was running short and as it turns out so was the yarn.

Would she be able to complete the 5SKSO Challenge in time?

Would the Chunky Alpaca yarn last?

Would the Governess socks win, and convince Mychawd that they were meant for good, not evil?

The scene, 6am Thursday morning…The Boyfriend wanders unsuspectingly into the laundry room to find that during the night, the Pink Socks snuck out of the knitting bag and have sabotaged the furnace, there is no heat. Someone must meet the repairman thus giving the Governess socks an opportunity to work their magic on Mychawd while she waits for the heat to be fixed. A few short hours later they are completed.

Later that day…while knitting fast and furiously on the Better Bucket Hat in the hopes of meeting the deadline, the unthinkable happens. The Chunky Alpaca runs out. There isn’t enough to finish the hat. None of the local shops carry the yarn.

Will the shop on the way to the Cat Show in Middletown have it?
Will our hero finish the hat before Midnight on March 31st?

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