Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gathering of Seacoast Knitters

Last night we had an incredible gathering of Seacoast Knitters. For the last 2 months we’ve been secretly knitting blanket squares for the a baby blanket for one of our members. The Communicator is due on her own birthday, in early July. We adapted the Maja Blanket to match the gauge for the Louet Riverstone Yarn that The Enforcer chose. Riverstone is a 100% wool but it does have a very bright color pallet with a nice cushy hand. We were attempting to create a blanket that was 5 squares wide by 5 squares long, approximately 40” square, the perfect size for the baby, whose sex is unknown. That meant that each of us needed to knit two squares. Each square involved 3 different colors. Everyone bought a skein or two and we all proceeded to swap colors to ensure that everyone had colors that looked good together. Some skeins were mailed to Illinois and New Jersey for departed members to contribute. Others drove 45 minutes to the nearest yarn shop and bought skeins for the group. Some missed the buying opportunities but were able to eek out another square by combining the leftovers of others. And still others knit four or five squares to be certain we’d have enough.

The assembly party was here last night. This condo has never been so full. Thirteen Seacoast Knitters turned out in support of our friend. I was astounded by the support for The Communicator and the support of each other. It’s one thing to knit a square or two. That’s 10 hours of knitting time to give away. Knitters are generally charitable and willing to pitch in. But as a general rule, knitters do not like to sew. Amidst the grumbling about sewing some learned new techniques while we all forged ahead stitch by stitch assembling what will be a rainbow of love for the baby.

I’m certain she’ll be thrilled when she sees it and in turn, we will all be thrilled by her reaction to our efforts. It is wonderful to be part of something that brings so many of us together, so many people that were previously strangers. Brings us together not for the love of knitting but for the love of this community we’ve created. A community centered on knitting but filled with kindness and support.

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