Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kittens and Knitting

It was a busy knitting weekend, which means this will be a photo heavy posting. I spent 5 days with my Mum while The Boyfriend and my Dad were at fishing camp. Which is funny because neither owns a fishing pole but it’s a tradition to go to camp this weekend every year. The boyfriend has gone the last 16 years without fail. Even to the point that when he found out his MBA graduation would be held this weekend, he opted out in favor of going to fishing camp. All I can do is shake my head and smile, perhaps they feel like we knitters feel about Rhinebeck. I’d give up a lot to not miss that trip and I’ve only been once.

But anyway, we did a lot of knitting this weekend. It’s funny because Mum hasn’t picked up sticks in years, but she found some lovely green alpaca and had a vision for a scarf. It’s about 7” long right now and I couldn’t be prouder. I felt bad that she had to rip back the first couple attempts because the pattern was too complicated to be considered easy knitting and then the needles used for the second attempt were too big. But now it’s perfect!

I’ve been flying through my Hey Teach Sweater. All the pieces are knit and blocked. Now it’s just a matter of doing a Three Needle Bind off at the shoulder seams, knitting the collar edging and sewing the whole thing up. I can’t wait to do that mattress stitching!

Amongst all the knitting we did play with Nessa’s babies, Ada, Nester, and Nevins. They are just adorable with amazing personalities. At 6 weeks old they are able to come out of the nursery and spend evenings with us. They are just too cute for words.

I finished my Must Have Color Socks. I used a picot edge instead of the usual 1x1 rib. The yarn is wonderful but I was bit confused about what I bought. It’s CTH Supersock Merino which is 100% merino. After wearing through my first pair of Claudia 100% merino I bought several colors of reinforcing thread. Had I realized sooner I could’ve used some on these socks. Oh well, I’ll just be careful wearing them and bring them to an experienced darner if they get a hole.

We did take a break from knitting long enough to head to the greenhouse for hanging baskets. I got a lovely purple Calibrachoa aka Superbell. It’s 3 feet across and does not require any pruning or plucking, although it does require watering every day. I'm not much of a gardener but who doesn't want to be greeted by pretty flowers when they come home?

I also cast on 5 socks, of which 3 were ripped. I just couldn’t get the right yarn and pattern combinations. The solution…buy more sock yarn. Everyone at knitting has been using the Pine Woods Yarn and I’m jealous. Mum was sweet enough to drive an hour to the nearest shop so I could get a skein. It’s a lovely teal-aqua color.

Oh and I can’t leave you without another adorable picture of Nessa hugging Nevins.

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Regan said...

Those kittens are too cute! I can't wait for school to be over so I can get another cat!