Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Love Bites

The first night I spent in a hotel with our beloved Emma was semi-eventful. I remember falling asleep just north of New York City, exhausted at driving through the city so late at night. What was semi-eventful was this new cat. She was a full of affection and extremely sweet. At some point during that short night I was awoken by my nose being bitten by a purring cat, not something Isitt or Adan was known to do. It was Emma exhibiting her trademark characteristic. If the human does not lavish enough love and affection at the time demanded, then Love Bites will follow. Love Bites being yet another song we added to her list of song, which includes two versions of The Twilight Zone (one techno and one classic rock). Since that time I’ve alternated between calling her Emma and Love Bites.

This was in August. This was when I first had the urge to listen to the Def Leppard song Love Bites. Here it is mid-November and today was the day to dig it out of the CD cabinet. I definitely haven’t listened to any Def Leppard since I got the Ipod about 2 years ago, but it’s more than likely that it’s been 10 years since I’ve listened to them.

So this morning I’m driving into work. I pull out the CD, and put it in the player. The first song starts. I sing along but notice that the sound isn’t as ‘rockin’ as I remember. Song two comes on, and I realize that there has to be something wrong with them or my memory is getting shotty. I pull out the CD case, “Greatest Hits 1980-1995” well perhaps the 15 year old Samurai who so loved Def Leppard is different than the 28 year old Samurai. Music has changed. Perhaps what I once considered rockin is now mundane. Or perhaps some evil boyfriend has been riding in my car messing with my bass.

It could be said that we have bass wars. He mistakenly thinks the bass should be kept around ‘center’. What is center? Center is not enough bass I tell you. I max out the bass. I want to feel it in my stomach as I pound on the wheel to the beat. It could also be said that we have volume wars as The Boyfriend has been known to insist that I like music at an ‘unreasonable volume’. Silly Boyfriend. Once I rectified this situation I found that Def Leppard does indeed continue to rock.

Which led me to my next quandary. Why doesn’t The Boyfriend enjoy the Def Leppard? By all accounts they are as much of an 80s Power Ballad band as all the others. The only reason he could prefer Feigner and Journey to them is that pop culture, aka Will Farell, has not seen fit to embrace them. Poor lonely Def Leppard. At least they rocked my car all the way into work this morning, oh and all the way home tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Emma ? Love Bites ? NNNNo, Not MY Emma - Never!!! Vampire? What are you nuts? Not my Emma!!!

Didn't a certain Isitt ROse use to give love bites too?