Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Sweater's Worth...

Did you catch my mention of Webs? Yes last weekend we attempted to visit Webs for the second time in two weeks.

I was a woman prepaired, a woman on a mission.

I had a seven item list. This was monumental since I’ve only ever had a yarn shopping list one other time, Rhinebeck this year, and that was really more of a yardage requirement list. Saturday morning bright and early off we go to Webs. I’m thinking I’ll follow the Crazy Librarians example and attempt to spend less than $50, that way I’m sure to beat Meow Meow Head in the ‘who can spend less game’ that we only play when she knows she’s won.

Did I mention that the list contained,
-yarn for a boy hat, indistructible and superwash
-half a sweater’s worth of yarn to go with the Zenith Dive I picked up from The Communicator at the yarn swap
-yarn for a girl hat, no idea what color
-a pattern for the sweaters worth of mohair I’d picked up from The Communicator at the yarn swap
-a sweater’s worth of tweed yarn to make the Berroco Nonpareil Sweater
-a sweater’s worth of Misti Alpaca in Granite to make my Elizabeth's Percentage System sweater
-and one more thing I can’t remember, so clearly I didn't get it.

Ok first flaw in my logic, all that can not be purchase wholesale for $50, let alone retail. Second flaw in my logic, just because it’s on the list doesn’t mean I have to buy it, this is not grocery shopping. That being said, I didn’t buy it all, the pattern proved too illusive, oh and the girl hat flew my mind once we found the perfect tweed for the Nonpareil (Valley Yarns Williamstown is a perfect substitute). I choose Navy and I believe MMH went with forest green.

And then my long lost love, the one that got away found me. Misti Alpaca Hand Painted Worsted Weight 100% Baby Alpaca in Granite. Does that sound as wonderful to you as it does to me? I’ve been pining for this yarn since we saw it on our way back from Rhinebeck. I know you’re wondering if it’s wise to make a sweater out of Alpaca but I honestly don’t care. I love this yarn that much.

And now off to make the Sweet Potato Casserole we’ll be bringing to Thanksgiving, finish my Christmas knitting and dream of my Misti Alpaca!

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