Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Halt

I have one of those jobs that’s crazy. Specifically it’s crazy at the beginning of the week and then tapers down as the week goes on. Every Monday it’s wild and requires my full attention or things will be missed. Every Friday we collect ourselves and begin prep for the next week. And then some times the work just runs out. I work as hard and as fast as I can all day every day to try and ‘dig out’. I can count the number of times when I’ve been without a mountain of work on one hand. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fast pace and constant goal just out of reach. Today just happened to be one of those grinding halt days. It’s a funny feeling when you’ve been chugging along, full speed ahead and you suddenly find there’s nothing left to do. You have this magical thing called free time. And there are other projects to tackle and deadlines to meet but their not looming ahead of me like the signs hanging overhead on the highway. Instead they are the signs posted at the on-ramp noting that a city is 26 miles away and another is 72 miles. No impending doom and plenty of time to stretch my legs and breath. What a rarity.

Of course Thanksgiving is coming and with it lots of family time. All of The Boyfriend’s family will be there this year which is nice since I desperately missed his mother last year. She’s my knitting buddy. Unfortunately I don’t see her as often as we’d like but we always catch up on each others projects, new techniques, and yarn when we’re together. I have to start thinking of projects to bring. You know socks will be involved, but will I pull out one of the new yarns I got this past weekend when we ventured yet again to Webs. In the last week, between the Yarn Swap and Webs I have enough yarn for 5 new sweaters. Seriously, F-I-V-E!!!! That’s insane. But I had to get yarn for the Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern…can you say Misti Alpaca in Granite? I’ve bought this color way in two other yarn weight/contents and finally broke down and got a sweaters worth. I know Alpaca!!!! Am I crazy? Yes I am, crazy in love with this color!

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