Friday, March 5, 2010


Here are some of the trees I had to drive pass last Friday to get to work.

There used to be two almost identical trees marking my way along the road. It had always reminded me of The Argonath in Lord of the Rings. You know the two giant statues of men on each side of the river? I had to look up the name so don’t think I’m that much in the know.

The power came back on Sunday afternoon, although one of my coworkers was without power from Thursday to Thursday.

I’ve been chugging away on my Traveling Woman Shawl. I’m about half way through the final chart. This is my second lace project and it’s going well. I tried to choose more tonal yarn so as not to loose the stitch detail in the colors. It’s definitely better than the first lace attempt but it’s still too loud. And I’m not that wild about lace. So maybe I’ll knit one more, sold, just so see how that looks, but maybe not. Why fight nature? I’m a sock knitter who occasionally knits hats and more occasionally sweaters.
I’d like to knit more sweaters but we’re approaching tank season. I spent an entire evening searching for a nice summer lacey top I could knit with cotton or bamboo or linen. An entire 3 hours and I turned up 1 pattern. Maybe I was being too fussy. I was limiting myself to only stashed yarns so that might have narrowed the scope a bit too much.

And Miss Isitt is doing well, growing considerably. The Boyfriend remarked that she seems to always have her face in the food dish. I’ll have to post pictures of her big round belly. I know it’s not nice to laugh at pregnant people, but pregnant cats must be ok. She’s as wide as she is long and it’s hilarious to watch her waddle down the hall. Poor Is-Biz!

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