Sunday, July 18, 2010

Anti-Sock Sentiments in Magical Vermont

I really wasn’t kidding about the anti-sock sentiments. Yesterday when we headed off to Magical Vermont I brought along 3 socks in progress and the Baby Surprise Jacket. I did about an inch on a sock and then worked on the BSJ the rest of the day and today. And I now have a finished BSJ to show. Well almost finished. I still need to sew up the shoulders and add buttons but otherwise it’s good. I used Lorna’s Laces Sheppard Worsted along with some Knit Picks Swish for the navy parts. I love the way it came out.

After that was finished I still wasn’t in a sock mood so I cast on the Conifer Shawl from Knitscene Spring 2010. I’m using some soft brown ultra alpaca that makes me think of baby dears…fawns if you will…

Being that the shawl isn’t really lunchtime knitting I’m sure a pair of socks will find my way into my purse in the morning as I’m heading off to work. I’m certain this hiatus won’t last for long as my fingers tend to miss the tiny stitches.

Oh and yes, Vermont continues to be magical. We hit Kaleidoscope Yarns where I picked up a skein of Opal yarn that I’ve been eyeing for 9 months or so. None of the local yarn shops carry it but I keep running into it when I’m visiting distant yarn shops. We had a great bistro boxed lunch and then hit the Harpoon Brewery tour where I found two more Hefeweizen to love besides the Raspberry UFO. Live music in the pub afterwards followed by a very loud and rowdy car ride home as I played DJ mixing late 90s rap and classic 80s hair band rock. The Boyfriend thought he’d died and gone to musical heaven where “Juke Box Hero”, “The Next Episode” , and “Discotheque” are playing non-stop.

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