Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Boyfriend Birthday

Yesterday was The Boyfriend’s birthday. He’s so low key about it. I think it might be the result of sharing his birthday with his Dad. Although, he never goes crazy at Christmas either. I think he’s just not much for material gifts or being the center of attention. I on the other hand…well you know I’m just a big kid.

It was another swelteringly hot day, temps in the 90s with a healthy doss of humidity. We went to the park by the water for a reprieve. He did some reading while I knit and listened to The Knitting Show podcast. It must have been 20 degrees cooler by the water and in the shade. By the time we left I had cooled down nicely and had goose bumps.

And The Knitting Show is a great podcast by a brother and sister. I think there are a dozen kids in the family and she’s the oldest while he’s somewhere in the middle. They have a great banter between them and it’s just fun to listen to them wax about what they want to knit. Oh and he’s a color blind knitter which makes for some funny stories.

While we were there I finished another pair of socks for the 52 pair plunge. I do have to tell you that I’m getting a bit tired of sock knitting. I may need to cast on the Tapen Zee Sweater from Knitty. It’s a sleeveless single button cardigan. Just my style! We’ll see. I don’t want to loose my sock knitting motivation by being distracted by a sweater but I also don’t want to knit socks exclusively which is what I’ve been doing because I’m so worried to fall behind in the plunge.

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