Sunday, July 4, 2010

Canute Take Two

I’ve discovered the secret to knitting a pair of socks super fast. Really, I’ve discovered the greatest secret known to knitter. I bet you’re dying to know. I would be. Ready?
Pull a sock and a half-a-sock out of hibernation and quickly whip out the leg that’s been lingering. Viola! A finished pair of socks. Amazing!

These are my Canute socks Take 2. I designed this pattern during the spring of 2009 and knit them super fast for The Boyfriend. I used a stripy gold-brown color which detracted from the X Cable patterns. I wasn’t thrilled with the result of my first attempt so last June I cast on another pair in this great semi-solid rust color. I got as far as the second heel and lost interest. So this week when I didn’t feel like knitting any of my current socks, I dug around a bit in the UFO pile and found these. I have been in love with this color since the moment I first saw it.

I absolutely cannot wait to wear these. Maybe I’ll even wear them by the campfire tonight. Although that could be dangerous given my penchant to poke the fire and be as near as possible.

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