Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dear Abby,

Dear Abby,
I’ve been a bit quiet lately, a bit off kilter. It seems both The Boyfriend and I are going through mid-life, no quarter-life crises. Neither of us love our jobs or our career paths.
He however, does have a better grasp of the situation and a plan for the future. I am suspended in space…floating without sound…wondering what the next step should be.

As working takes up the majority of ones life it seems important to get it right and enjoy it. I take full responsibility for my current feeling of weightlessness, but I am finding it hard not to question a societal structure that forces 18 year olds with no life experience to make decisions that will direct the course of the remaining 60 years. I cannot blame my choice of a major. Be it sociology, or history, or business. Whatever the major we are still forced through the play-dough machine and into business world. A world where “cash is king” and people shop at the large box chains that are known commodities selling products at the lowest prices. Computerized, electronic, mass produced, and cheap. That’s what we all want.

In such a world how could I ever hope to succeed doing what I love, knitting and creating unique high quality items? Will this world ever value my skills? Probably not, shall I adapt and fit in? How will I resolve this feeling of alienation? Perhaps I should pull out The Communist Manifesto and remind myself how best to deal with alienation

Signed, Floating.

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Daphne said...

dear Floating............
It is possible to make a living at knitting. I know several craftspeople/knitters. Not easy, but possible. Don't give up! Maybe for now, think of your job as a bridge, between the mundane and your dreams.