Monday, June 30, 2008

Sacre Blue!!!

To answer your question, yes I did finish 2 pairs of socks in June.
Please see Exibit A

Are they not the cutiest baby socks ever?!?! So small!

And now may I direct your attention to Exhibit B.

I know you've seen them before but for comparison. Is it winter yet? Can I wear my new socks?

Unfortunately, they were not two pairs of socks for me as I had planned, nor were they from Favorite socks. But they are two completed socks none the less.

Which reminds me, have I told you about our Nessa Rose’s Son? Yes his name is Curlfect's Big Poppy Socks since my Mum has become a die hard Red Socks fan. SO funny! I grew up in a house where my father was frequently heard to say

“We’re going to watch the Red Socks play some football against the Lakers.”

Seriously, I knew nothing about sports until the boyfriend forced me to sit through a few games. After which I decided I could stand hockey and baseball. Go Maine! All the rest remind me of gerbils on wheels.

But I digress, the point, is that, seemingly out of the blue my Mum has gone crazy for the Red Socks and informs us that Jacoby wouldn’t be a bad name for a grandchild. So when Nessa had her baby it wasn’t a big surprise to hear a Socks reference. So Big Poppy isn’t cute very cute, but at 2 weeks old you weren’t either!

SO now what, well it’s time for the July Challenge. It’s ALIVE! (evil laugh!) No it’s not, that’s the Frankenstein talking. Thank you Craftlit.

Seriously, July shall honor one of the greatest sporting events of all time. A mammoth undertaking that can be condensed daily into a 30 minute recap which is interesting enough to even keep me entertained. July shall be the Tour De France!

There will be 3 stages in my tour...

Stage 1: I will knit a French Design (probably finish Lutea-Lace Tank or create a Clapotise)

Stage 2: I will knit with a French Yarn (I think I’ll be ordering some Bergere de France yarn)

Stage 3: I will knit a pattern designed by a French Citizen –for this I will knit a Jacqard pattern as Joseph Marie Charles Jacquard, a French silk weaver designed this type of stitch pattern and fittingly his birthday is July 7th! Sacre bleu! (OMG) the same day as The Boyfriend! It’s faite!

So there you have it. Mychawd’s Tour De France. Anyone want to join?
Come on....I know you are yerning to win the yellow jersey.

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annieB said...

I will speak French to you tonight in honor of your tour de France ;-)