Saturday, June 21, 2008

Carton Complete

While Carton socks were fun to knit, well after I picked out the zigzag stitch pattern and watched the pattern slither up the foot and leg. I did not enjoy the stripped yarn. Had I realized it would be stripped I would not have purchased it. That’s one thing that drives me batty, every type of sock yarn needs to have at least a knit footlet to demonstrate how the yarn will pool/pattern/stripe etc. It seems that only the crazy colored, childish looking yarns ever have samples and those are never the yarns I’m interested in.

So the Regia yarn isn’t the greatest. One of the podcasts I listen to recently trashed it. I didn’t mind working with it but this worries me that the socks will not withstand a lot of wear. Oh well, for now they are my second completed pair of socks. I did have to use size 6 needles to cast off the 1x1 rib so that the top was elastic enough to get on. I don’t remember this being an issue with the Governess socks but then again, I will cursing them 90% of the time.

Onto the next sock for June. It’s the Retro Rib Footlet. Do you know what a footlet is? It’s an ankle sock, something that’ll cover the foot and just above the ankle bones. The pattern is out of the Favorite Sock book. I’m trying a knit 1, slip 1 pattern for the sole of the foot. Perhaps this will be more cushiony and durable. The reason I’ve turned the pattern into a top up footlet is not that I’m trying to finish the quickly or that I dislike tall socks, its just that I have one skein of Dorchester Farms Handpainted Sock Yarn. It was too pretty to pass on at NH Sheep and Wool Festival. But I wasn’t completely enamored with socks at that point in time so I only bought one skein. Silly Girlfriend!

Made another loaf of Amish bread last night. Used a can of tropical fruit salad and vanilla pudding. Exactly as I remembered it from my childhood.

In movie news, I’ve begun watching both Dejeerling Limited and A Tale of Two Cities. First, Mr. Nate will be sad to know that Dajeering Limited is not the witty romp that Life Aquatic was. The wry humor of it is interesting but the pace is too slow for me. I need to finish off the last hour. And the Tale of Two Cities version I have stars “Prince Humperdink” from The Princes Bride. I’m a third of the way into it. I know Catron will dye and the actor is doing a nice job playing both Darnee and Carton but I can’t seem to get beyond his evilness in Princes Bride. And also, Lucy isn’t pretty enough.

Now I shall return to my regularly scheduled Saturday morning activies…Knit Spirit Podcast and knitting with a Linus on my lap. Have a good day.

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Anonymous said...

Mychawd's Knitting Adventures , is great reading fun! I sure am learning a lot about knitting even though I don't have a clue.
The stripped foot socks are way cute, whose feet???