Saturday, March 14, 2009

3 Levels of Sickness

It’s been a long week. Lots of coughing and sneezing as I struggled through a severe cold. Based on my 20+ years of experience with colds and flues, I submit that there are three levels of sickness.

  • First Level of Sickness: you are sick, so sick that can’t work or go to school. But you are able to take medication, to dull the symptoms. You can focus your attention allowing you to read your book report book you are behind on, or knit complicated patterns that will take your mind off of the unpleasantness in your body.
  • Second Level of Sickness: not only are you too sick to work, but you are too sick to concentrate. You feel achy and the medication isn’t enough to relieve your suffering. You can watch TV and may be able to knit stockinette for short bursts but are frequently frustrated by your constant need to blow your nose and take Tylenol. (This by the way always upsets my stomach if I take it for more than 4 hours, so I get the added bonus of stomachache!)
  • Third Level of Sickness: you sleep. You can’t do anything except sleep. No TV, no knitting, no reading. Barely any eating because you need to sleep.

I spent the majority of the last 7 days between the second and third levels which means scarcely a stitch was knit. There is no way I can make it to a mile by the end of the month.

I did finish the Melaine socks. They are thick and tall. I like them but am no longer crazy about the color. It goes well with jeans though.

I also started a bag for my new laptop. It’ll be felted when I’m finished and knit on size 11s it’ll be a quick knit. I’m using Berroco Jasper and Oak Grove Studio Kid/Merino Blend that I got at Rhinebeck.

I’m also working on another sock pattern for the J.Knits Fall 09 line. It’s the first man’s sock I’ve ever knit. I love the pattern and of course am a fan of the colorway.


Anonymous said...

The colorway is nice and as you say it goes with jeans very well. Sometimes when I've grown tired of something I'm working on (or better yet, actually finished) I have to remind myself to step back, squint and take another look. I then see the overall appearance, not just the individual colors that I stared at over and over and over again while making it. Your socks appear to be more blue in the smaller post picture than in the close up. Interesting pattern stitch. What would it be?

Anyway you look at them, nice socks!

Regan said...

Those socks are really pretty! I love the colors. Sorry you're sick! I'm surprised that I haven't caught anything yet from the little kids at the school I volunteer at.