Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Saturdays are typically a day of knitting, napping, sunshine and history. I knit while listening to audio books or podcasts while The Boyfriend reads. Then we usually watch something history related during which I continue to knit and he takes a nap. MacOban and Linus alternate taking naps in the sun or on us.

The difference this Saturday is that my knitting mojo seems to have abandoned me. I cast on a new sock, knit 3 inches while designing a pattern that will appeal to men, and then decided that I was using the wrong needle size. Rippppppp

I have 8 rows to go on the cuff on the birthday socks and can’t get motivated to pick them up.
And I’ve now cast on again but each row seems tedious. This is so odd since the toe and heel are my favorite parts of a sock. Perhaps it’s that the color doesn’t move me. I was digging through the knitting bag and found those Sugar Maple, red-yellow socks I had to knit. I haven’t touched them in weeks but I’d sort of like to be working on them right now.

Due to the lack of knitting mojo, I went for a walk around the yard. It’s in the 46 degrees out. The snow is melting and the tulips are starting to poke up through the mulch. It’s dinner time. “Here comes the Fun Cooker!” Perhaps I’ll have something to eat and try knitting again.

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