Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hey Teach, I'm finished!

Today I finally finished sewing up my Hey Teach. The sweater that took a just under two weeks to knit and just over three weeks to sew up. What can I say, I’m a knitter not a sewer. Yes that’s right, I said sewer, one who sews, passing needle through fabric to form a seam. Not to be confused with a sew-er, one of those things that your toilet empties into.
According to there are 3 definitions for the word sewer…

· Pronounced [soo-er], an artificial conduit, usually underground, for carrying off waste water and refuse, as in a town or city.
· Pronounced [soh-er], a person or thing that sews
· Prononuced [soo-er], a former household officer or head servant in charge of the service of the table.
So if you read previous post and thought of the first soo-er, all I can say is, get your head out of the toilet!

But I digress, the Hey Teach is finished. It looks smashing and feels wonderful. I can’t wait to wear it. The yarn is wonderful and I’d definitely use it again, Crème Brule from Decadent Fibers. The pattern is a breeze. I’m considering knitting another with a different lace pattern on the top half. Hey did you see cute the back of my hair looks? I never see the back so I’m not used to seeing it. Just thought I’d point that out for you.

I also finished my KAL socks last week. I had about 2 yards of the fuchsia color left when I cast off the second sock. I was glad to use up the yarn and more glad to be done with that pattern. After The Communicator helped me memorize the pattern I was so resentful at all the difficulties, i.e. ripping, I had to do before hand that I never liked the pattern. I wouldn’t be opposed to knitting this again but with size 2 needles instead of 0s and a bulkier yarn.

Oh and I ripped back Dad's fingerless mitts to the finger attachment. They were about an inch to big around the hand so I decreased 6 sts and added 10sts of ribbing to the top of hand which creates 3 purl ribs that sort of resemble wolverine's hands. He tried on the mitts this afternoon and bounced his hands around over the table so that the hanging needles would make lots of noise. We all laughed and I'm guessing he'll like them a lot more when they're finished.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Teach is very nice. Can't quite tell from the picture, what did you decide to do about the neckline edging?