Monday, June 8, 2009

What I've been listening to and working on

The Boyfriend is on a Sweedish Techno kick. Which means I too am on that kick. This song is called Patrick and the Small Guy. I wonder if it's a Coupling reference? I've been listening to this one almost non-stop all afternoon.

And after a trip up to the Maine Fiber Frolic... I have some wonderful new yarns. String Theory and Dream Sox.

I also got some knitting in on my Lacy Rib Socks and my Van Dyke Socks. Both are from Wendy Johnson's Socks From the Toe Up book.



Saturday Mum and I hit the cat show with Clearly MzUnderstod Callie. She sure was, imagine our embarrassment when her official color had to be changed from a Brown Patched Tabby and White to a Silver Patched Tabby and White. Are you looking at Callie's picture? Clearly this is not a silver cat by the naked eye. Most people would call her a calico, but because of the lighter colored roots she's considered silver first and for most. Good thing that doesn't apply for human hairs. Callie did well and is now officially a champion although one judge made a point to tell us that she should be a Grand Champion. It was a nice complement.


Dee said...

Callie is a very interesting (and beautiful) cat --- is she a specific breed in addition to a "tabby"?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Callie and to the humans in your life as well.