Friday, June 26, 2009


The Father inspired knitting has been going well. At first I cast on for a pair of biking helmet ear warmers. Unfortunately I’m about 2/3rd of the way through the first side and I’ve used half of my yarn. I have other possible yarns but knitting ear warmers isn’t that exciting so I’m thinking I’ll let that go.

Dad helped by requesting fingerless mitts. I finished them yesterday. I did more frogging on that project than I’ve done in a while. I think that happens when you

a) Have become a bit of a perfectionist about your knitting

b) Try knitting new items that you have no experience with

c) Really need to pay attention to the shaping in the pattern but are too busy watching Law & Order SVU to read the pattern.

But it’s all good now and actually I’m knitting myself a pair now. I wonder if that counts as father inspired since knitting a pair for him made me want a pair for me.

And last but not least. Can you say Tardis? I found a pattern for an Ipod cozy that looks like a Tardis. Of course I’m knitting this for me. I had thought to make us each one since our Ipods are the same size and we both love Dr. Who but after doing one I’m less enamored with the thought.

As it nears the end of this challenge I’m starting to consider next month’s. Any ideas on what I should shoot for? Last week it was discovered that I have enough sock yarn to knit 61 pairs of socks, not counting the leftover bits and bobs from all my completed socks. Perhaps I’ll challenge myself with something sock related, cuff down, stranding, only gift socks, something like that.

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Michele said...

How about everything has to be either red, white or blue... or a combo of any of those??? That oughta help stash bust a few pairs of socks!