Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buttons Coach McGuirk

I’ve had a couple of things on my mind lately. Maybe you can help resolve questions.
Why do my new pants have 4 closures? Why do they need a zipper, a button, and two I-hooks? The standard 1 button, 1 zipper method of closing pants seems to be working. The pants don’t spontaneously fall off. Unfastening takes about 3 seconds. So what I don’t understand is why the manufactures felt the need to add these extra hooks and move the button inside. It couldn’t have been to stop them falling off so it had to be to slow down the removal time. This is not appreciated when I’m rushing to the bathroom.

Ok, I just had to vent.

Last night I watched the beginning of Season 3 of Dexter. I think this is their sophomore slump. The first two seasons were intense and always left me wanting more. The 3 episodes last night featured Jimmy Smits looking tired being annoying to Dexter. I’m not sure it was even worth my time watching. I’ll give them another disks worth of episoides to improve or I’m out. In February we canceled cable TV because we watching it a couple nights a month, paying $100 a month and always feeling like we had TV homework to do and catch up on ‘our shows’ which we weren’t that thrilled with. Since February my desire to watch TV has continued to decrease which also decreases my tollerance for non-attention grabbing shows.

Against The Boyfriend’s pleas and begging I decided to tackle Atals Shrugged by Ayn Rand. My friend Hillary loved it in college and MMH has been wild about it for awhile. I’m about 20% through the book. It was touch-n-go when the industry tycoons met to discuss “Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog Rule”, it was a bit too blatently obvious what she was trying to argue, but I made it though. While I find the plight of Dagny interesting I am not overwhlemed by Rand’s commentary on sexism. I will give her props for making me symulatianously hate and respect Hank Rearden.

And lastly, I finished my 10th pair of socks for the 52 pair plunge. I’m so far behind its ridiculous. I’ll be pleased if I can complete a half plunge at this point. I don't think my brain has registered that I'm knitting socks slower since I just keep casting them on but you know, options are a good thing. Last night I worked on 4 different pairs of socks. This is my second go round with The Monkey pattern which I love. I used my own dyed yarn in the color way Coach McGuirk. The yarn had a dry texture to it which makes me wonder if I didn’t rinse it well enough when I finished dying it. Or perhaps I overcooked it when I was setting the colors. I’ll be soaking them in wool wash and checking to see how much color comes off. Spiraling and stacking did occur which drives me a bit crazy so I had to knit clockwise and counter-clockwise to mix up the color spiral. It is a different experience knitting with your own dyed yarn. It makes the socks feel a bit more mine than the others.

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