Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Burrlington Bears

The camera died. The Boyfriend hiked Mount Katahdin last week and mysteriously, the camera worked when he started the hike and by the end of the hike it was over exposing every shot to the point where it simply takes squares of white. He claims there were no falls or jumping on camera incidents that might have caused this error. He bought a replacement camera, a Sony Cybershot but failed to buy a memory card so no photos to share.

We did visit Burrlington VT this past weekend. I thought Vermont was a magical place, and I was not disappointed. Two things: Magic Hat Brewery Tour was hilarious and free! And secondly while driving back to NH a black bear ran across the road in front of our car. I was fix-ulating the Ipod at the time. The Boyfriend was driving and yelled “BEAR!” I looked up and immediately lost my breath. We road with me gasping for a few more seconds until the bear was safely in the woods. He was thrilled. And by he I mean The Boyfriend, although I’m sure the bear was pretty stoked not to have been hit by a car. I was filled with fear and shocked at how small a black bear is. Much smaller than the Umaine statue. Really it was just slightly bigger than a big black lab. A black lab with a funny face/head. That’s all. But I bet next time I’ll be just as paralyzed with fear that the bear will eat me. I know I know, 60 miles an hour surrounded by a metal vehicle and I’m scared of the bear? If you must know, I’m also irrationally afraid of foxes as well. I’m convinced they’re trying to bite my ankles. If you want a laugh walking in the woods just say, ‘what’s that, a fox?’ and watch me try to climb on the back of the person in front of me to protect my ankles. It’s completely irrational. But Vermont is magical!

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Katie (sorry not signed in) said...

I was just riding my bike through the local park on the island the other day and came across 3 foxes. one just sat right by the shoulder as i rode by, one of them scurried, and the one crossed the road right in front of me and just sat there in the road! I had to brake almost to a stop (since I was so close) until it realized I was there and moved out of the way. They are not afraid enough of people.