Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Common Ground Fair 2009

The Common Ground Fair was this weekend. I was so excited about renting a cottage and having a girl’s weekend that I couldn’t sleep the night before. I was up and ready by 6:45am. We left at 7:15 which got us to the Fair Grounds around 10:30, perfect time to beat the traffic and circle the food before the crowds really set in. We did in fact circle 3 times before choosing a delicious, organic, made in Maine breakfast of Pea Soup, Indian Samosas, and a Pumpkin Milk Shake. I really only purchased Lavender Soap and Enchanted Knoll sock yarn at the Fair. Ok and Pine Soap as well. No Balsamic pillows this year!! (hehehe) It was a great sunny day and Meow Meow Head wanted to take all the yarn home. Then we were off to our cottage with a great view of the ocean and a roaring fire, which I did poke a little but nothing dangerous.

The next day we hit 4 yarn shops on the way home. While it can be said that I exercised great control at each store, when you look at the combined haul it appears I was less successful. I did purchase some Indulgence with Aloe. I’ve never heard/seen this before and was surprised by the inexpensive price and how soft it is. Upon returning home and reviewing my haul I felt a bit guilty. In response I did put about 30 of my previous stashed yarns on Ravelry over to “Will Sell or Trade”. Some of the yarns that I know I’ll never use like, Plymouth cottons, Aracania, and Celtic.

The Common Ground Fair was a great dry run for Rhinebeck, which is only 17 days away!!!!!

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