Sunday, September 13, 2009

Clap Clap Clap...Cat Show!!!

Bernstein Bear and Twilight Zone “Emma” couldn’t have been better. Well actually, Bernstein could’ve been a bit quieter in the show hall, the smallest cat in the place demanding to be heard as he objected to being touched by anyone besides Mum. He gots lots of looks and attention for his small stature and big voice. Of course climbing to the top of the scratch poll didn't decrease his cuteness factor either. Emma was a doll, receiving her open ribbons and beating a few Grand Champions into two top 10 positions, a 9th and a 10th place. She is a MUCH better show cat than Isitt. Although, it might not be Isitt’s fault. I’m a pretty good handler/stage mom if I may say so myself. I kiss and hug and do all the necessary cleaning, rewarding, fluffing and playing. But when it comes to my Isitt Rose I can’t help it, I turn to mush. She’s MY girl and I just want to hug her and protect her which makes me a nervous Nelly while she’s in the ring and out of my care, which then causes her to be on edge rather than the relaxed little princess that she normally is. Any other cat, I can calm them down and show them with confidence, well any cat except Nessa Rose, I had a soft spot for her too if you must know, but she has the perfect show cat personality so it didn't matter. Today one of the girls even laughed at me calling me ‘softer than Charmin’. It's something with those Rose girls I guess.

It was a relatively slow show, with a small number of cats and lots of spectators so the judges took their time with each cat so that the audience would have a good look. This meant that there was time for a quick trip to the local yarn shop in Mystic Connecticut. I was very disappointed they didn’t have the Scheafer yarn they advertise on their website. It’s become my new obsession. On the way there was a TRM. 'Knitting Samurai, what’s a TRM?' That’ would be a Turtle Rescue Mission. It began as we turned around after spotting the turtle trying to cross a busy road. We went back, stopped in the middle of a T intersection, while I ran the turtle from one side of the road to the other as traffic waited. One woman even rolled down the window to encourage me that I could do it and then thanked me once he was safely across. It felt so good to know I helped/saved him.

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Pam said...

they are sooooo cute I want one of my own.