Thursday, December 24, 2009

And here it is, Christmas Eve.

And here it is, Christmas Eve. Are you ready? I’ve been listening to a lot of knitting podcasts and talking with the Seacoast Knitters. Everyone is knitting a lot of Christmas gifts this year. More than I recall in previous years. I wonder if this is a symptom of the economy or if we’ve all advanced enough in our knitting that we’re confident that our finished objects are as nice, if not nicer than the store bought equivalent? I think some of both reasons played into my Christmas knitting this year. Which by the way was finished last Friday. I took the day off to write Christmas cards and finish wrapping presents. The cards and the must-wrap-now presents were finished by 8 am. That left quit a bit of knitting time. Did I mention I love snow knitting days. Which is exactly what Sunday was. The Boyfriend and his three cats all cuddled in next to me on the couch. It was lovely.

Looking at my Ravelry page the last 6 finished objects are Christmas gifts! Wow, I only knit for AP and VS last year if I’m remembering right. Oh and the wine cozys.

Yesterday I had the day off, it was a case of use the time or loose it. So after the baking and more baking and laundry and packing was finished, I started a new project. A lace project!!! Eeee Gats!~#$%!

MMH & The Enforcer were quit persuasive the other night that my 100% merino Socks That Rock yarn would make a better shawl than a sock. At least a sock the way I’d have to knit it. Super tiny needles and reinforcing nylon thread that inevitably wouldn’t match perfectly and would then drive me batty every time I looked at how it didn’t match. It would’ve been a project in frustration. The Enforcer’s Spring Bandit shawl has turned me green whenever I see it. So the fact that she was wearing it, promising that I could knit it no problem, and on size 5s. I was sold! So here is my first lace project. I’m calling it the Christmas Bandit. It will be a lacey triangle rainbow when I’m finished. I absolutely love it and stayed up entirely too late last night so I could “finish just one more row!”

This past fall VS asked me to knit her a lace shawl and I managed not to laugh in her face. I thought they were massive endeavors that only the most tolerant and most skilled knitters could accomplish. Yeah I’m skilled but typically I lack the patience necessary for complicated charts and I didn’t think a she had any idea of the 50+ time investment that would take. But if all lace is this much fun, then bring it on! I can knit lace for Mum, VS, AP, AB, Memere, LT, The Mumma, you name it!!! And it’s a double bonus that it’s a new skill for me. Following the charts and doing the mirror image for the second side is not easy. It’s not the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s not for the weak either.

But enough about my newest addiction! I’ll have to set that aside for the next couple of days (except in the car! I can do lots of knitting during the two hour drive to and then from the in-laws. Which reminds…must pack my head lamp!)

Until we speak again, Merry Christmas and here’s hoping you finish all of your holiday knitting in time and have a wonderful holday!

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Anonymous said...

the kacing sounds lovely. Maybe you could personally deliver it? AP