Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Preparations

Ok, let me explain what happened in the afternoon. The boss walked into a coworkers cube and said, “Ewwww! What is that?” And then the coworker explained that a friend in another department had a prank pulled on them and their desk was covered with these fake cockroaches and she took some to bring home to her son. I immediately popped up and said, “so wait, that bug wasn’t from my Secrete Santa?” To which everyone started laughing and the joke was on me. I’m so glad I didn’t get the equivalent of a lump of coal.

I did a bad thing. I started a pair of socks for myself while I’m on a knitting deadline. And then, I really liked the pattern and how the stripes were working up, which means I haven’t touched the last pair of gift socks for a few days. I have about 4” to go. Totally do able but every time it’s knitting time I’d rather work on the new stripy socks for me.

The Boyfriend has been a super trooper this week. Finishing up his classes and taking part in wrapping more than just my presents. He does the paper and I do the decorating. We wrapped miss LT’s gift in two stacking boxes tied together with string. Linus thought this was irresistible and claimed it as his own. It’s funny to look over at the Christmas tree and see a large fluffy Christmas kitten bow.

Not wanting to be left out, Isitt has been busy addressing Christmas cards. I think I shuffled her off my lap and table five or six times the other night while I was working. Oh and Mac, well he’s always been fond of hitting those bottom branches of the Christmas tree. One year he brought the whole thing down but since then he’s been gentle with it. And The Boyfriend ties the tree to the wall with fishing line, so you know, no worries.

Hope your Christmas preparations are going well.

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Anonymous said...

no one would be so cruel as to leave you bugs!! I love the kitties they make your blog always so fun, not that you aren'ta charater, too. Love to you, the Boyfriend, Isslet, MacOban and Linus. Ho! Ho! Ho! from AP